Em[POWER] Energy Group is a non-profit currently working to build a waste sorting and recycling facility in a landfill community in Bangladesh. Part of the plan for this facility is to develop a composting work-site run and maintained by members of the community. Before implementing the composting site there, we need to demonstrate the feasibility of our system. We will be constructing a compost pile from waste streams and composition representative of the waste at the site in Bangladesh. We are considering three different designs, and if possible would like to test each design on Rutgers facilities.


We will (1) confirm the waste can be turned into mature compost (2) determine the best design for the composter (3) confirm that the design allows for compost to reach and sustain temperatures above 55 deg C (4) determining turning frequency based on pile sustaining this temperature for three days between turnings for at least three turning events (5) Determine how much leachate will be released from pile, and how to collect and recycle into pile if necessary

Rutgers Chapter Builds Its First Prototype on Cook Campus

Advisory Team

David Specca, Assistant Director for Bioenergy Technologies & Controlled Environment Agriculture
Peter F. Strom, Ph.D.: Professor, Biological Waste Treatment
Uta Krogmann: Associate Professor, Solid waste management and engineering
Ramin Yazdani, Ph.D., PE: Yolo County Department of Public Works

Prototype sketch designed by: Edyta Kuciapa 

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