The bio-digester utilizes the biodegradable waste in the landfill community by decomposing it to generate methane, and ultimately converting it into electrical energy.  The structure of the bio-digester will have a large tank that will hold the waste and specific bacteria which will help to decompose the waste.  Through a chemical process, methane gas will then be an end-product of the decomposition which will then be collected.  The collected methane gas will be channeled through a filtration system and ultimately connected with a methane powered generator. The energy produced by the generator will then be used to power the community and can be sold to the city in order to alleviate its energy shortage.

To make the construction of the bio-digester feasible and applicable in project sites, the em[POWER] Energy Group will first construct a prototype at the Rutgers EcoComplex in New Jersey.  The prototype will then be used to research optimal and efficient materials and processes for the bio-digester.  This research will all be recorded and documented and will be used in collaboration with the construction of the bio-digester in project sites.  The em[POWER] Energy Group will be working with various organizations and volunteers at the same time in em[POWER] project sites to research the efficiency of the bio-digester to help the progress of the bio-digester in both locations.

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