Press and Marketing Documents

Top 8 at the Mashable and UN Foundation Social Good Summit

Rutgers University Homepage Article on Duckweed Technology:

Everything Internet Radio Shop Article:

Business Today Article:

Rutgers University Homepage Article:

Princeton University Homepage Article:

MIT Clean Energy Prize Semifinalist Announcement:

Kaufmann Foundation Grand Challenge Stories Competition Announcement:

Em[POWER] Energy Group Selected as Semifinalist for Campus CEO Challenge for their “Sustainable Development Initiative”


PR Documents:

Introductory Presentation Updated 2012: em[POWER] Intro_Presentation_2012

Corporate Portfolio 2010-2011: Corporate Portfolio_2010-2011

Corporate Portfolio 2012-2013: COMING SOON

Introductory Newsletter: 1st Annual Newsletter 2010-2011

Bangladesh Newsletter 2011-2012: Project Bangladesh Newsletter 2011-2012

Annual Report for 2010-2011: em[POWER] Annual Report 2010-2011

Annual Project Site Visit – Bangladesh 2012-2013: emPOWER Project Bangladesh Annual Travel Review 2012-13

First Issue of em[POWER]’s Student Chapter Newsletter March 2013: Student Newsletter Issue 1

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