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Would you like to help us out? Donations don’t have to be monetary!

If so, consider applying for a position at em[POWER]. We are looking for highly-motivated and proactive individuals who are passionate about solving problems in the world and committed to what they do. This is a great learning experience that allows you to work with like-minded individuals from around the world and come together to form a cohesive plan. The skills you learn here can be taken with you and applied to anything you do in the future.

Our project is multi-faceted and can be broken down into the following sub-sections:

  • Organizational (how we manage and streamline our project and improve our networks)
  • Financial/Accounting (how we draw up our financial models and projections)
  • Technical (how we implement and set up our waste-to-energy system)
  • On-site management (how we interface with the local community and secure local resources)
  • Health (how we help treat or prevent the health problems that the community faces)
  • Education (how we provide educational resources for children and job training for adults)
  • Marketing (how we run awareness and fundraising campaigns)

Official job and internship openings are posted on (keyword search: em[POWER] Energy Group, Inc.) or you can email to inquire about additional opportunities at em[POWER].



If you want to reach us and need more information on anything, please e-mail us at

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