On-Site Work


em[POWER] sends $1000 worth of school supplies to support Matuail Landfill as part of Em[POWER]: Project Bangladesh Phase I initiative. We also tried out our very first “Pen Pal Program”. Please donate to this school that is in dire need. It lost all funding last year and is working to recover through generous donations from you. These kids have two options in life: work in the landfill with no education and no future OR be educated in a school with the help ofDonate using the link to the right and you can designate the donation to go to the school in Matuail Landfill, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.



em[POWER]’s focus on education is being sought through with partners on site that can help us build and run schools near our sites. Two such partners in Pakistan are Idara Al Khair welfare society and Thaakat Foundation. With their help, we can provide children living in these wastelands access to a proper education in order to better their futures.

Mr. Mohammad Mazahir, president of Idara Al-Khair welfare society, is focused on educating the children of a waste scavenging community in Karachi, Pakistan. We greatly support his honorable efforts to help these kids receive an education regardless of the conditions in which they live. You can see a glimpse of the living conditions in these communities and learn of the amazing work being done by this extraordinary individual here.

In early 2011, Thaakat Foundation, a non profit organization which promotes volunteerism within South Asian communities, partnered with Idara Al Khair in order to further support the goals of creating new educational facilities for these young students. They dedicates their resources to help benefit those less fortunate both globally and locally. More information regarding Thaakat Foundation can be found here.

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