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Urban Sketches – Mazahir

In 2009, Dawn News did a focus on Mr. Mohammad Mazahir, president of Idara Al-Khair welfare society, and his work in educating the children of a waste scavenging community in Karachi, Pakistan. You can see a glimpse of the living conditions in these communities, and learn of the amazing work being done by this amazing man.

Urban Sketches – Mazahir (1/2)

Urban Sketches – Mazahir (2/2)

The Idara Al-Kahir website


Scraplife: E-waste in Pakistan

Watch a video of the kind of community that we are targeting! His video gives a better narrative of the problems that we can fix with the proper support ans resources.

what if you can change the lives of millions using em[POWER]’s SUSTAINABLE model?!


Potential Relationship Terracycle

Currently exploring work with Terracycle ( for implementing upcycle processes in scavenging community schools

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