Timothy Bouldry – Fundraising Coordinator and Program Director


With a BFA in Documentary Photography, Timothy Bouldry explored various countries around the world in search of a topic he could photograph and feel committed to. It was not until he crossed paths with a landfill called La Chureca in Managua, Nicaragua that he would find the topic he is most passionate about. Since then, he has revisited La Chureca in many numerous accounts to record everything that was happening. He paid particular attention to one family as he followed the their journey from living amongst the trash in a shanty; to relocating and receiving a concrete house. La Chureca then was becoming secured and converted into a Methane Gas into energy project. His photography and films have been seen in various publications, campaign events, exhibitions, television interviews and auctions. Activists have used his photography to present to The US House of Representatives, The US Senate, and The Organization of American States. He is in regular conversation with The Environmental Protection Agency who showcased his work for the 2013 Methane Expo at the Vancouver Convention Center. Since then, he has explored many landfills in different regions of Nicaragua, Haiti, Venezuela and Colombia. His work will continue to expand globally. Currently, he is relocating to Nicaragua to work full-time with La Chureca and other landfill dependent communities similar to it. His goal is to create more community development, help provide healthcare, educational programing and manage alternative cleanup modules; starting with the treatment of landfill leachate using duckweed.


You can see his work at: www.TimothyBouldry.com
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