Tamra Fakhoorian – Director of Communications

Tamra Fakhoorian has a deep commitment to global sustainable living through renewable energy and waste nutrient recycling.

Tamra serves as Director of Communication for em[POWER] Energy and as duckweed consultant. She is the co-founder of International Lemna Association and has served as past president of National Algae Association Mid-South Chapter. Volunteer work also includes the Farmer to Farmer integrated farming program in the Caribbean, and Masons on aMission-helping build fuel efficient concrete stoves for Mayan families inGuatemala.

As an avid duckweed enthusiast, Tamra grows and incorporates duckweed biomass in compost for organic fruits and vegetables. She consults on algae and duckweed production as well as integrated farming systems in theUSand abroad.

In an effort to become more energy independent, she single-handedly retrofitted an older country home to be near-zero energy. She cooks with solar ovens on a routine basis and gives workshops on the subject.  Her blog, www.DuckweedGardening.com describes her lifestyle and duckweed projects.

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