Ryan Integlia — Executive Director

Ryan has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University. He received a Masters of Science in the subject of Wireless Sensor Networks working with the departments of both Electrical and Civil Engineering. Industry experience includes work with IBM in the server systems division and Siemens in the RFID and wireless sensor networking group. New Jersey is his home state and he has traveled extensively within and outside the US. Ryan’s volunteer efforts have touched on many subjects, such as supporting the well-being of individuals in the local community through soup kitchens, children’s hospitals and local schools; social awareness via the media; engineering aid strategies with various non-profits; and others. His idealistic goal for this project is to demonstrate that there is a possibility to change one of the many forms of poverty – that of people living in garbage – into a mechanism that physically transforms the circumstances of life into the means for their aid and contribution to society. In so doing, the landfill becomes the physical resource that empowers the enrichment of their lives, rejuvenation of their environment, and the contribution to society.

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