Eric S McGee – Director of Development of Landfill Gas to Energy

Mr. McGee has fourteen years of experience in landfill gas (LFG) system operations monitoring, maintenance, migration control and recovery projects, and construction in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. Field experience includes routine testing, monitoring, maintenance, and repair of LFG collection headers, extraction wells, and blower/flare facilities. Additionally, Mr. McGee has performed as-needed troubleshooting and repairs as well as emergency response services.
Prior to forming McGee Environmental, Inc., Mr. McGee served as a project superintendent for four years at SCS Field Services in Charlotte, NC. While at SCS, Mr. McGee started and led the Charlotte SCS Field Services office. As Project Superintendent, Mr. McGee was routinely involved with work scope implementation, scheduling of field technicians, data review, interpretation, and assessment. His responsibilities included development of computer databases, data entry, report preparation and review, and Health & Safety Plan preparation and implementation.
Prior to joining SCS Field Services in 1999, Mr. McGee served as a project manager for 3 years at Natural Power, Inc. in Raleigh, NC. As Project Manager, Mr. McGee managed two landfill gas-to-energy projects and developed and posted Natural Power’s website. His responsibilities included training landfill gas managers, preparation of construction drawings, programming the GEM-500, preparation of weekly and monthly reports, and troubleshooting system failures as they occurred. Both projects provided medium BTU-fuel for steam production in boilers.
In addition to this experience, some highlights of his professional career include:

  • Establishing and managing SCS Field Services’ office in Charlotte, NC;
  • Managing four landfill gas-to-energy projects including design, construction, and operations;
  • Establishing the location and grade for more than 30,000 feet of underground HDPE pipeline at ten landfills;
  • Managing the design and construction of a 3,000 scfm blower/flare station including controls and instrumentation, preparation of pre-construction and as-built drawings based on GPS data collected in the field;
  • Managing the installation and construction of condensate traps, collection/disposal systems, and 96 landfill gas extraction wells; and,
  • Managing and performing operations, monitoring, and maintenance activities at seventeen landfills in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee.
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