Overcoming Obstacles and Making Great Strides by Ronak Darji

 Increased Funding Is Strengthening Our Expanding Foundation in Bangladesh and Beyond


 Em[POWER] is gaining ground literally and figuratively on multiple fronts! First, thanks to the financial generosity of individual and corporate donors over these last few months; em[POWER] has been enabled to transition towards the most impactful and involved phase for our mission in Bangladesh.

It took several months for em[POWER] executives to acquire the proper land space on which to build a new sorting facility for the landfill community of Matuail, Bangladesh. This is mostly because of the complicated challenges posed by buying land internationally, and em[POWER]’s commitment to collaborate comprehensively with local forces every single step of the way. However, despite recent tragedies, hartals, and a cyclone em[POWER] is enthused to announce that the construction and development for the sorting facility is underway!

Here in the U.S., em[POWER] has been continuing all fundraising efforts to ensure we keep building on the momentum of these long-awaited and promising developments. Em[POWER] was recently humbled with a $10,000 donation from Hewlett Packard Canada along with their guarantee for future involvement. This generous act has energized our efforts, and exemplified the direction and scale of our growth as we continue to climb towards a future in which your donations drastically influence the lives and livelihood of landfill workers.

Fundraising aside, em[POWER] has been given an opportunity to hold two events this fall at Rutgers University in New Brunswick. This opportunity is due to the efforts of em[POWER]’s Executive Director, Ryan Integlia, Vice President, Nasir Uddin, and Director of University Relations, Tammy Hsu. Together these em[POWER] representatives have received funding from Rutgers University New Brunswick and Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs to host two events on Global Health related to our Project Blangladesh site!

As well as these two coming events that go hand-in-hand with em[POWER]’s ongoing projects and overall perspective on Global Health, we at em[POWER] helped organize the 2nd Annual International Duckweed Conference that took place from August 21 to August 24th at Rutgers New Brunswick. The organic utility of duckweed and the ongoing research that purports its significance has been an important side-project for em[POWER], and our ED, Ryan Integlia, continues to help find new ways to keep this important conversation going and growing. The keynote speaker of this year’s International Duckweed Conference was Mark Wright; he specializes in Biomass Conversion Technologies from Iowa State University.

Em[POWER] is working with multiple consulting agencies to restructure the overall organization at strategic level. It has expanded and grew its HR segment based on tremendous boom in its project portfolio. We are VERY excited for you to see all the great things going, especially with our new project site in Uganda! STAY TUNED!

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