em[POWER] Travels to Bangladesh

Exec. Director of em[POWER] Nasir Uddin recently completed a very successful trip to Bangladesh to review landfill site projects and held meetings with several current and potential partners. Here are a few of the highlights of his trip:

–  Researcher orientation sessions within the Landfill

– Presentations on health safety and hazards as well occupation safety hazard training

– Participatory dialogues with the 250 waste pickers of the landfill and 50 owners and 100 waste pickers of waste collection vans

– Presentation of a laptop to students of the landfill school for purposes of working together via the Internet.

– Provided Gram Bangla with financial support for the school for 6 months provided by em[POWER] Rutgers Chapter


Children of Gram Bangla school

Another six months of education for the children of Matuail Landfill families has been donated by em[POWER]’s Rutgers Student Chapter. Many thanks, students!


Training for Women Trashpickers

Women’s em[POWER] training group learning work and health safety techniques in a landfill setting                                                  

Exec Dir Nasir Uddon presenting certificate to Gram Bangla Unnayan Comittee

Mr. Uddin (pictured right) presenting an em[POWER] certificate of appreciation to Gram Bangla Committee members.





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