Follow Nasir’s Trip to Bangladesh!!

Vice President Nasir Uddin traveled to our Bangladesh site for two weeks in December 2011-January 2012. Follow below to see a day to day account of what he encountered and accomplished during his time there!!

Day 1 (Dec 26): em[POWER] Project Bangladesh meets with GUC board and Project Manager of Bangladesh

This meeting represented an introduction to some members of em[POWER]’s onsite partner, Gram Bangla Unnayan Committee (, that included AKM Maksud and Khandaker Reaz Hossain. It also included Sejan Bari, our new Project Manager as well as a recent graduate of Electrical Engineering from AIUB. We spent the few hours on introduction, progress thus far, and my itinerary for the overall trip.


Day 2 (Dec 27): em[POWER] Project Bangladesh looks at Fair Trade Bangladesh partnership with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Prokritee!

–       Meeting with Mennonite Central Committee (

This meeting steered our initial model that em[POWER]’s been built upon in a new direction. It was an unexpected meeting that was simply to be used to learn more about HIV counseling program that MCC is providing for GUC. MCC partnership would lead to collaboration for recycling program, agriculture program, job creation program, composting program, and water purification plans.

–       Meeting with Prokritee (

Prokritee (meaning “nature” in Bangla) is a service based agency that provides managerial, product design and development and marketing assistance to organizations in Bangladesh.

Output from meeting: identify a fair trade product and processingà Prokritee will market and distribute the product for us. Suggested to Suraiya Chowdhury (Director of Design of Prokritee) that the product that we would target would be glass.


Day 3 (Dec 28): Em[POWER] Energy Group Project Bangladesh meets with Waste Concern’s Maksud Sinha

Output from Meeting: collaboration on 3-R strategy, incentive programs, and potential support and guidance on program using point of contact (Shah Monirul Kabir)


Day 4 (Dec 29): Project Bangladesh is making great strides!

Financial planning meeting with Onsite Project Manager, Sejan Bari, and a great meeting with Department of Environment… getting closer to taking next steps in implementation


Day 5 (Dec 30): in Dhaka, Bangladesh: first visit of em[POWER] US staff in Matuail Landfill in Jatrabari with Women’s Co-op/waste picker, Trash Traders, and Van drivers…we have made great developments!!

Output from the meetings: dimension and design of the sorting facility, need for eco-based latrine, shower area, rest area, storage space for inorganic material, and providing vocational education

–       Source separation at household level is possible through house owner association and discussing isolation of inorganic and organic; we developed relationship with van drivers and they have agreed to help.


Day 6 (Dec 31): in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Sports Day and Picnic at Matuail

The students of the onsite school were given new books for next year.  A sports day was also held which included the 100m dash and musical chairs. Phillip Matthew Birkey from the MCC was also present.


Day 7 (Jan 1st): in Dhaka, Bangladesh: Meeting with Mr. M A Gofran, senior biogas consultant of Grameen Shakti

Meeting Output: Energy requirments and biogas plant facility sizes and costs for onsite facilities were discussed in detail.


Day 12 (Jan 6th): in Bangladesh: all day workshop/meeting with GUC, em[POWER] Interns, and other guests went smoothly!!

Meeting Output:

Better understanding of the National 3R strategy was gained from presentation by em[POWER] Bangladesh Interns. The key components of the future onsite facilities were determined in the groupwork afterwards. Tasks were delegated to participants.


We hope you enjoyed reading what Nasir was up to during in Bangladesh! Check back for more updates and plans soon!

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