em[POWER] Rutgers Chapter sends school supplies to Bangladesh

em[POWER] sends $1000 worth of school supplies to support Matuail Landfill as part of Em[POWER]: Project Bangladesh Phase I initiative. We also tried out our very first “Pen Pal Program”. Please donate to this school that is in dire need. It lost all funding last year and is working to recover through generous donations from you. These kids have two options in life: work in the landfill with no education and no future OR be educated in a school with the help ofDonate using the link to the right and you can designate the donation to go to the school in Matuail Landfill, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2 Responses to em[POWER] Rutgers Chapter sends school supplies to Bangladesh

  1. Theerayut Jaiyen says:

    Hi, My name is TJ and I’m the community education coordinator for the Energy Service Corps, a Rutgers student organization that reduces energy waste in the New Brunswick area. How are you doing?

    We are a community service program that tries find to a way to help
    people in and out of the campus to learn how to use energy more
    efficiently .
    We know that our country uses energy every single of day, but a lot of
    the energy was wasted at the same time.
    We teach people how to weatherize their windows and doors so the heat
    stays in during the winter and the cold air stays in during the summer.
    We teach people how to do simple things like unplugging the electronic
    equipments when it’s not in use, replacing the light bulb that uses
    less energy, setting the temperature of the refrigerator to the middle,
    and more.
    It may sounds little but, it could save everyone a lot of money in the
    long run.

    We were wondering if your organization has big weekly or monthly meetings, and if you might be interested in having us do a 15-20 minute demonstration at one of your meetings. We could do a really fun and interactive caulking or weatherization demonstration and we can explain to your group some simple ways they can reduce the amount of energy they waste, and some resources they might be interested in taking advantage of.

    If you’re interested please call at 856 313 8094 or email me back
    Thank for your time

    • Nasir Uddin says:

      Hello TJ,

      Thank you for your comment! I would love to talk to you further. Please note initially you will be meeting with me before meeting our board that has a very busy schedule. Please send me an email to set-up a meeting: nasiruddin06@gmail.com and/or give me a call 6094248890.

      I am available Monday, Tuesday, Friday evenings after 6PM.

      Looking forward to talking to you.

      Thank you,

      Nasir Uddin

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