em[POWER] at the SustaiNext Conference

Today, two members of em[POWER], Henry Chao and Nasir Uddin, attended the SustaiNext Summit at Drexel University.

“The goal of this Summit is to exchange important research, the latest thinking, ideas, and comment on how to create sustainable communities and a global society.

The speakers, presenters, and panelists at the Summit have been carefully selected to help all to better understand the factors that are impacting how to improve America’s educational, economic and societal systems for delivering on the America promise in this the 21st century.

This Summit meeting is designed to be a stimulating, interactive, productive, and an enjoyable experience for all to truly explore how we learn, teach, work and live, to deliver on a sustainable future.

The Sustainability Collaborative is the meeting place of people, ideas and concepts that may help to shape the important topics pertaining to universal sustainability.

The goal of the Collaborative is to bring forth topics, ideas and concepts that may help to shape the important topics of universal sustainability. The Collaborative began its formative programs thorough Secretary of Education Arne Duncan 2010 sponsorship of the Sustainability Education summit.  The Collaborative will continue its SustaiNext, a 2-year process, at Drexel on March 22 and 23, 2011. This process will continue to the West coast in the fall of 2011 at Arizona State University, followed by an EU-based 2011 summit at Dublin City University, Ireland. The Collaborative will convene a global meeting in Washington D.C. in the first quarter 2012.”

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